Wow. It has been a long, long time since I sat down to drip drop a blog into cyberspace.

I don't think anyone reads them. So why write? Because it feels good to hear yourself type.

My website is being redesigned. I have to decide whether or not to put a blog on it.

I got an invitation the other day to be a fan of myself.

I just spent three hours answering emails that were backed up into the alley.

My IPhone never leaves the palm of my hand. I hold on to it tighter than I did my kids hands when we crossed traffic.

I eat Twinkies because I feel guilty for not accepting green plants and pieces of rice on Facebook.

And I want to know why I am tired and stressed. Ahhh, technology.

Thank goodness I get to hop in my car on an almost daily basis, put the windows down, turn the music up and drive for hours. I love it. Wanderlust runs in my family. My grandfather was a huckster. My dad sold RV's on the road. And I am a traveling storyteller. The DNA of our family is based in asphalt and dirt, twisting up into lines sprawled across a wrinkled map.

I'd have it no other way. My car is like a respite. An escape. A humming spa of tire and tread, magnified heat through the window glass, Etta James in the passenger seat and wide open spaces filled with new ideas, dreams, and memories.

I love to go.


MimiRock said...

Hi Kim--it's me, Mimi! Please keep writing on your Blog. I know it takes time but it will be a stress reducer for you. Typing your thoughts feels good because you are expressing them and may mean one less bite of Twinkie. (Not that there's anything wrong with eating Twinkies!) OK, OK, I have an ulterior, selfish motive for encouraging you. The Internet is one way I can stay involved with Storytelling and also with the people I have met when I was more active. A blog lets me enjoy you in a way that Facebook cannot. Perhaps the question is whether you should attach a blog to FB? Are you going to write differently because you're thinking pro instead of friendship?
I dunno!!! C U next week in J'boro.

Taylor Adam Swift said...

You are awesome! I saw keep the blog, because we need to digest these wonderful nuggets you pop out.